Rafael P. Saldaņa, Ph.D.

Selected Talks/Seminar/Workshop/Conference Presentations

Rafael Saldana, Grid Computing, Cloud Computing and e-Business: The High-Tech Future World of Global Business and Computing in the 21st Century, 26 June 2008, Far Eastern University, Manila, Philippines.

Rafael Saldana, Grid Computing for Health and the Environment: Experiences and Perspectives in the Philippines, Invited speaker, International Symposium on Grid Computing , Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, 7-11 April 2008.

Andrei Coronel and Rafael Saldana, Towards a Philippine Cancer Grid, First International Symposium on ICT For Health (ICT4Health 2008), February 29th-1st March 2008, Ateneo de Manila University, Manila, Philippines.

Rafael Saldana, Allan Espinosa, Paulo Tioseco and Karlo Layug, A Web-Based Query and Retrieval System of Federated DICOM Image Archives, ONCO-MEDIA - MIST 2007 workshop,Hualien-Taipei, Wan-Fang Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan, November 15-19, 2007. [slides]

Rafael Saldana, Medical Image Analysis and Information Retrieval with Grid Computing Applications, 5th ICT-Asia Regional Seminar, Taipei, Taiwan, Nov 19-21, 2007.  [slides]

Rafael Saldana et al., Image Segmentation of Digital Mammoghrams Using the Watershed Algortihm for Breast Cancer Detection, Annual Meeting of Japan Medical Imaging Tecchnology Society (JAMIT), Tsukuba, Japan, July 20 -2 21, 2007.

Rafael Saldana et al., Computer-Aided Retrieval of Knee Meniscus Magnetic Resonance IOmages Using Latent Semantic Indexing, Annual Meeting of Japan Medical Imaging Technology Society (JAMIT), July 20 -21, 2007.

Rafael Saldana, An Application of the Boundary Integral Method to Modelling Cell Motility in a Viscous Fluid, Workshop on Moving Interface Problems and Applications in Fluid Dynamics, Institute for Mathematical Sciences, National University of Singapore, January 8 - 12, 2007.


Rafael Saldana, Biomedical Applications of Grid Computing, 2nd ENGAGE European Union - Southeast Asia ICT Research Collaboration Conferenc, University of Indonesia and Sultan Jakarta Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia, September 11 - 13, 2006.  [slides]

Rafael Saldana, Distance Learning and IP Multicasting, Workshop on Multicasting: Architecture, Algorithms, Applications. DIMACS, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA, May 2-4, 2001. [slides]

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